Friday, 19 June 2015

Junior, Judah,Richard and christopher Red Bands: Compare and Contrast

This is our reading follow up. The task that we got is to make the differences about Christchurch and Auckland, and we had to explain what is the same about Christchurch and Auckland and then we had to make a padlet about the story that we were given. I learnt lots of stuff about Christchurch and Auckland and the difference about both of them, and some stuff is about which island is the biggest, and did you know that the differences about Christchurch, is that Christchurch has some mountains with snow on top or all over it and Christchurch has clear water and snow falls. In Christchurch and at Auckland it rains. So most of the stuff that I have on my Compare and Contrast presentation is mostly filled up with Christchurch stuff, and you can press the padlet on my presentation to check out my padlet.

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