Friday, 27 February 2015

Chris holidays

In the holidays me and my family went to the beach, for a swim it was so cool and my mum and dad set up a volleyball net and played volleyball that was cool too,and making San Cassels that was awesome. Then we all had to go and change into our dry clothes, an went back to my house for lunch and we plaid a four player game it was cool. Then everyone went  home.

There i thought it was a creek but it had fresh water and it was clean and cold and deep it was a cool to and my uncle   lives nearby and we slept over his house it was cool and we had to go back home it was logger an we went to my nan's house and everyone went home.  

The next day it was my birthday and i got fifty dollars for my birthday and we went to

valentines the food divine and my mum and dad loved the oyster’s i loved dessert and everybody singing happy birthday and it was fun and everybody went home and i had a very busy busy week.

On Saturday i got a budgie hears a photo of a buggy it was hard to tame it and it was hard for it to eat of my hand because i kapt moving.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015