Thursday, 27 October 2016

Chris Writing test practice

“Two days before the ambush, “it was 12 o'clock at midnight it was so silent all my men were sleeping then I went to check up on my watch team but they were not to be seen then I witnessed two legs sitting right there then I went to check it out but its seems that my watch team were in each bush around the campsite, so I got ready for whatever that was to come I knew that there was just one person because he was just sitting in a bush on the far end of the campsite, I knew because I had a heat signature coming from the far end of the campsite the I saw him right there and I sniped him with a sniper with silencer and checked on the UAV for any sign of enemy contact around the area all night until morning”.

“Once it was 6 o'clock I woke up my men up by shooting a my pistol bullet in the air to test their reflexes, every one of my men woke up,and I said get up our watch team is dead then we packed up and ran to the nearby trench, but one of my best men jake stayed back I said what are you doing, he said “ i'm “ them a big boom happened blowing up my friend jake he had brown thick hair like a lion's mane, he was a medium built solder that had fought for united states for five years then his time came I had to look for his tag I found it and held onto it till we get back to united states to give it to his wife and kids, then we set up camp at the trench and stayed the night until morning.    

“The next morning we head of to the extraction point we had cover to survive but only five of us can fit on the helicopter so me and ghost stayed back and fought until the next helicopter came”,”get on this chopper me and ghost will cover you”brian their too much” just take the rocket launchers and I will cover you”ok sarge,dame there’s some mele tourist keep them away from me”ok”all the rocket launchers are out”know just shoot the oncoming enemies and ill take out the far side enemies”ok sarge” me and ghost got shot on our shoulders and waited for the helicopter to come, it came it saved me but ghost bleeded to death I grabbed his tag and his body and took him to a cemetery and made him a funeral and gave his tag to his kid’s, and seid my fear well and left to go and give jakes tag to his kids, then I retired and lived my normal life until I met you soup is it”yes thank you for telling us your story of ghost, jake and you” don't worry kid.