Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Chris Writing Reflection & Goal Setting: Term 2 2015

Writing Reflection & Goal Setting

WALT: assess our writing using a rubric
WALT: create a goal for the next time we write
Topic: ANZAC
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blogs  audience.
Purpose: To be able to assess our writing and create a goal accordingly
Link to Rubric: Paragraph Rubric

Our Reflection Writing Frame:
Write about two things you did well. You could start with a sentence like:
  • The first thing I did well was…
  • I am proud that…
  • I am happy that...
The first thing i did is to put a capitals on each paragraph and a full stop at each ends of paragraphs  
and i put some comer in some species.
Write about two things that you could improve on. You could start with a sentence like:
  • I have realised that I should have…
  • I didn’t remember to ___ so next time…
  • The next time I write...

I could improve  with my puncheralady and try to succeed  more well i grow up
Create your goal below. You will need to state your goal and explain why you have chosen it. You must start your goal like this:
  • My goal for writing is ____. I have chosen this because...
My goal is to improve my whiting so i can have a great future. what i'm working on is where do i put my puncheralady

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