Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Chris Explaining My Game

My task for my game is to make it a side scroller game and my name of my game is a electric ninjas path. my character is a ninja in black you got some ninjas in the other team to spy on the team and what the other team is making a allotment weapons or weapon.

The story is a ninja go’s throw baddies and on the way  he gets new attachments and you can find your clan and fight lots of bad ninjas and one big spiky monster. and at the end you spawn as the purple ninja and you can win by defeating the night that has to assassin sword.    

The challenge is to dodge some traps and some daggers and some of your clan can be trapped and no way out and a big nights comes to defeat you you get unlimited respawns. the first Challenge is to face the electric ninja, the buttons? arrows or A to go left B to go right, and W to jump, mouse is the shooting button and last button is Q to egypt and other weapons.

some other challenges is to face animatronic and you can be the animatronic if you hack into their system and you can face a robot that has a laser eye and there are some clowns that are ghost sow you have to build a ghost prof home so you wait for them to go away  

you can fix the problem by finding a way out on a trap or you can climb on top of a cage and you can find a key.

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