Friday, 26 February 2016

Chris Writing Narrative 3

The death road

on a sunny day, two men wanted to go for a walk but they didn't know where to go then they decided to go thro the forest,their names were Crosby and Jason they really wanted to be fit for rugby so they set off to the forest for a hike but it was getting dark it was like going through a haunted forest then well the sun was setting,they ran through the forest like mice then they sore
a man with no face and it had a note to not go throw or you will die.So the two men was not skered of the forest because they are men, of they went
into the dark part of the forest and saw another not saying  “is your last warning or you will end up like them”.

But the men just didn't care about the letters and set of into the darkest part of the forest but it was so lucky they had flash lights and found the last note it said “you are dead know it tried to worn you know you're going to die  in blood, then they heard a sown it was like a chainsaw so they went closer to the chain saw noise and they saw a man with a mask with another man's face, matter of fact there were lots of stitches of other people's faces.

He had a chain saw so Crosby and Jason ran for their lives and made it and the sun was still up and the man was still chasing them but then they lost him and they said to the policeman that their is a man with a chainsaw chasing them then the policeman said to go home i'll find him and take him to justice then Crosby and Jason ran home but that man's mask is still in the heads and they took a picture of him and showed him to the policeman and went home. The man is in this picture        

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Chris Writing a Narrative 2

the sinister forest

One day there were two ghost hunters,  their names were Jason and Crosby. Crosby had a american accent and Jason had a Mexican accent, They were the best ghost hunters in the world however they didn't know what kind of spirit was in the forest, it scared every single person that walked in the forest. Jason and Crosby set off to the haunted forest while there were in the forest, a voice was whispering to go back home or die.


so Crosby and Jason saw that the sun was disappearing. So they grabbed out their flash lights and set of to find the spirit then they found it and it was singing a scary song but they didn't know it was a little girl that got murdered in the forest. It was so hard to get her because.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Chris Writing a Narrative

five nights at Freddy roller coaster.

One day there was a roller coaster it was called the five nights at Freddy roller coaster it was so scary, everybody loved  it, so two men there names are Crosby and Jason really wanted to go by saving up there money for tickets but they didn't know that it was no ordinary roller coaster there is three animaltronics and they were dangerous.  

Then there  friend Moroni really wanted to go then Jason and Crosby invited him to come then if you survive. The three animaltronics names were Chica Bonnie and Freddy  the prize if you survive your prize is to make it out and the animaltronics will sleep, for thirty seconds when the thirty seconds up the animaltronics is going to chase you but Moroni tripped up and the animaltronic. Bonnie caught him  and turned him into  animaltronic

he was a fox but he was fast and the fox had a hole so Crosby and Jason knew that the fox was runing to turn them into a anameltronic so they ran as fast as they could. They were almost at the exit and the fox animaltronic was right behind them, then rite on time thay made it to the exit. And never went back.   

Chris Letter to teacher

Dear Mrs Berry

During the holidays me and my family when to the beach and had a BBQ it was so fun. Me and my cousin swam in the water it was so cold!! that i had frost bites, but it was nice because the weather was so hot the cold water made me feel like it was not hot at all my little cousin loves water ones she go's dives in the water she never wants to go out.

Then when we were finished swimming me and my older cousin packed up all of the beach gear, then we packed the BBQ gear then when and took my cousin and my auntie home after we had ice cream. Then me and my mum and dad went home and got clean and when to the movies and watched IP Man three it was so cool because it had lots of karate.

Then we went home and went to sleep. The next day it was my birthday!! then I got ready to go to a restaurant in mission bay. The food was so nice my whole family liked the oysters and the muscle’s also I liked the seafood fettuccine it was so delicious then for a while we had dessert it was my birthday cake with strawberry ice cream it was so delicious then once we were finished we drove home.