Wednesday, 16 August 2017



S.I will be the richest kid in the world i'll buy everything for my family and the homeless. I’ll do all of this because i care for my family and i want everyone to have shelter and food to eat,

E.if u had food with a homeless guy looking i rather let them eat the food because he or she needs it the most, that's why i'm going to help the homeless and get them food to eat and a home to stay in. also a bit of pocket money and one million dollars.

E.for example will you just walk past a homeless person that has no food no shelter and no family if u don't care, think what will it be like if you were that homeless person it wouldn't be fare, so help the homeless if you reject you are also reciting  Jesus.    

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Chris Tenths & Hundredths

WALT -  Understand tenths and hundredths                  -    Use Geometry words involving directions

Friday, 28 July 2017

Chris T3W1 - Neil Armstrong

my text for this week was about the first person who step foot on the moon or his real name Neil Armstrong before he was astronaut he was a university professor then he was a Navy officer, and his last thing before he became a astronaut was serving in the Koran war. "by fare this was my favorite reading text also i'm looking forward to the next one"     

Chris The Immersion Assembly 2k17 term 3

On Monday the 24 of July we had a Immersion Assembly for term three our topic is this term IS GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.1  was a great day to come back to school to catch up with your friends,each terms teachers will presented a theme for us to learn about.The theme that we are doing is “Guardians of the galaxy”,our learning is about space and “planet earth and beyond!

From Team 1 teachers was that they were 6 teachers walking around the school so clean before too of them went to the car driving and the BOOM! Of the car in space to the moon.back at school there was 4 teachers clean and keeping their classroom to then 2 other teachers
went to the car and BOOM! The car went flying across our school and went to the blazing heated school two teachers went to the staff having their cup of tea.

Thursday, 15 June 2017