Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Chris our motivational speaker.

This morning we had a very special visitor his name is MR Andrew Peterson he came in our block talking about an antidote the antidote A+I=M we got all of them right under 3 minute I know three minutes we are legends also after that he was talking about the givers and the takers and about would we like a giver or a take 90% of our team said that they like givers and the other 10% was just being silly after the takers and the givers he told us a story about when he was in Australia he was in a BIG line to book a new flight and he saw a young couple with three kids under five years old being naughty so he went at the back of the line and said "hey are you guys OK"and they said "not really" so he helped them by bringing them to the front of the big booking line with more than one hundred people just to bring this couple to the front of the line but the people that were waiting for who know how long were getting angry because they were thinking of them self's.

an other story he said was about a eleven year old boy named Willy helping an homeless man by giving him his lunch money he said at first sight he saw the homeless man crying so he went and talked with him and he said that he got kicked out of his house and lost his wife so he was so miserable he was crying then willy gave him his lunch and his lunch money for two weeks and kept on talking with him for two weeks then the homeless man came to Willy's school and said all that he has done for him and he got gold reword for being an awesome kid to others in public also Andrew Peterson took him to wellington what a lucky 11 year boy.  

Friday, 20 October 2017


Image result for garage bandBBBBBRRR its Friday today we got to learn lots of stuff like how to use garage band and whats a conch shofar and a bugle so at the start of the day we did a karakia and waiatia
Image result for conchafter that we got in our gb lines encase your thinking its when in our lines we have to be girl boy rows so once we were in the hall we the nuie group was sitting on most of the chairs so we had to sit on the floor 
Image result for bugle
Image result for shofar