Monday, 22 June 2015

Chris\ Explaining Your Thinking & Understanding

  • What did you have to create?
  • The process - how did you create it?

This year our task is what we can do in wet morning tea, so we can make a game on your
chromebook, we can make a game out of anything that is  in in our class and we created it on our apple mac computers, then we take a screenshot of the game and upload it to our chromebook and then we make a move to go to our news reporter.

  • Explain to your audience your new learning.
  • What can you teach others from creating your task?

what i'm learning is to put more punch serway shown in my sentence’s and first i have to get teached by my teacher how to make my task then i have to double check that i can make it then i can teach the year 5s or the year 4s  

Friday, 19 June 2015

Junior, Judah,Richard and christopher Red Bands: Compare and Contrast

This is our reading follow up. The task that we got is to make the differences about Christchurch and Auckland, and we had to explain what is the same about Christchurch and Auckland and then we had to make a padlet about the story that we were given. I learnt lots of stuff about Christchurch and Auckland and the difference about both of them, and some stuff is about which island is the biggest, and did you know that the differences about Christchurch, is that Christchurch has some mountains with snow on top or all over it and Christchurch has clear water and snow falls. In Christchurch and at Auckland it rains. So most of the stuff that I have on my Compare and Contrast presentation is mostly filled up with Christchurch stuff, and you can press the padlet on my presentation to check out my padlet.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Chris Explaining My Game

My task for my game is to make it a side scroller game and my name of my game is a electric ninjas path. my character is a ninja in black you got some ninjas in the other team to spy on the team and what the other team is making a allotment weapons or weapon.

The story is a ninja go’s throw baddies and on the way  he gets new attachments and you can find your clan and fight lots of bad ninjas and one big spiky monster. and at the end you spawn as the purple ninja and you can win by defeating the night that has to assassin sword.    

The challenge is to dodge some traps and some daggers and some of your clan can be trapped and no way out and a big nights comes to defeat you you get unlimited respawns. the first Challenge is to face the electric ninja, the buttons? arrows or A to go left B to go right, and W to jump, mouse is the shooting button and last button is Q to egypt and other weapons.

some other challenges is to face animatronic and you can be the animatronic if you hack into their system and you can face a robot that has a laser eye and there are some clowns that are ghost sow you have to build a ghost prof home so you wait for them to go away  

you can fix the problem by finding a way out on a trap or you can climb on top of a cage and you can find a key.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Chris Writing an Introduction: Term 2 2015

Our Introduction Writing Frame:
1. Write your introduction sentence below:
Diving into cold water, you crazy man, you might die because of the low temperature.Diving into cold water, you crazy man, you might die because of the low temperature.Oooo that’s cold bro
2. Now choose one of your favourite sentences. Write this below.
the other people are having fun well this dumb person is going swimming in cold water or he’s  going sliding on ice  
3. Create your own paragraphhe
looks like he wanted to do it or his friend dared him to do it

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chris Character Description - Joe Gock: Winning the Bledisloe Cup

Walt: find evidence and clues from the text to create a character

C.R work, We learnt about Joe gock, his goal was to win the bledisloe cup
so we made a padlet about friendship.   

[1. Explaining the task]

This week we had to create a presentation explaining our lead character. His name is Joe Gock. When then created 2 padlets that provided proof of his creativity and his kindness.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

my xtramath highest score ever

this is my highest score  ever

Chris Writing Reflection & Goal Setting: Term 2 2015

Writing Reflection & Goal Setting

WALT: assess our writing using a rubric
WALT: create a goal for the next time we write
Topic: ANZAC
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blogs  audience.
Purpose: To be able to assess our writing and create a goal accordingly
Link to Rubric: Paragraph Rubric

Our Reflection Writing Frame:
Write about two things you did well. You could start with a sentence like:
  • The first thing I did well was…
  • I am proud that…
  • I am happy that...
The first thing i did is to put a capitals on each paragraph and a full stop at each ends of paragraphs  
and i put some comer in some species.
Write about two things that you could improve on. You could start with a sentence like:
  • I have realised that I should have…
  • I didn’t remember to ___ so next time…
  • The next time I write...

I could improve  with my puncheralady and try to succeed  more well i grow up
Create your goal below. You will need to state your goal and explain why you have chosen it. You must start your goal like this:
  • My goal for writing is ____. I have chosen this because...
My goal is to improve my whiting so i can have a great future. what i'm working on is where do i put my puncheralady

Chris of Free Blog Writing: Term 2 2015

Image result for cod black opsI love playing cod black ops 2 it's my favorite game my best character is masson its cool sometimes if you give it to your uncle then when i beat him by lots of  points and when they get very angry  and when u play campaign its cool because it takes u to different stages and then i fake sleep so i can scare my uncle when he tries to prank me but i pranck him pack some times i fayck sleep walking and him and his sister were saying chris, chris, chris!!! then i walked back to my room then when we went to the pools i play with my friends and the water was so deep i brag my prank shark fin and they were scared and i was scared i pranked my self so when we got in the car we all went home and when i got home i wanted to go to sleep but i wanted to play games but a chose to go to sleep the next day i woke up in the morning and did some chores and then my mum and dad said “you did a good job you can play your game know” and i jumped on  my game and played for a little while then i went to sleep.

Chris Reviewing a game

Image result for run gameThis is the game that i'm reviewing, is called run this game is sometimes so hard to pass some misshin are so hard. I give up sometimes but i always come back to play it I like the other run, run 2 it's so cool.

This game is to easy in the start and it get harder and harder but I never gave up then i got up to a part when there are no big platform's are small that's when i gave up then i thought the game is boring but the next day my uncle  past the stage and i started to get fun, when i played it with my family because i sometimes give it to my little cousin's and thay  past it and i was inbares i got bitten by a 4 years old boy.