Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Chris of Free Blog Writing: Term 2 2015

Image result for cod black opsI love playing cod black ops 2 it's my favorite game my best character is masson its cool sometimes if you give it to your uncle then when i beat him by lots of  points and when they get very angry  and when u play campaign its cool because it takes u to different stages and then i fake sleep so i can scare my uncle when he tries to prank me but i pranck him pack some times i fayck sleep walking and him and his sister were saying chris, chris, chris!!! then i walked back to my room then when we went to the pools i play with my friends and the water was so deep i brag my prank shark fin and they were scared and i was scared i pranked my self so when we got in the car we all went home and when i got home i wanted to go to sleep but i wanted to play games but a chose to go to sleep the next day i woke up in the morning and did some chores and then my mum and dad said “you did a good job you can play your game know” and i jumped on  my game and played for a little while then i went to sleep.

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