Thursday, 21 May 2015

Christopher ANZAC Assembly Recount Term 2 2015

Image result for ANZACOn Friday our school did a ANZAC Assembly our principal said back in the days it was illegal to refuse to go to war so if you get called out you must go to war some of the people that refused to go to war you go to jail so some of the  people was so happy to go because they thought it will be a trip but they don't know what  will be up for them then when they got back lots of people was wounded  some people was saying where's my son or where is  my it was a bad moment for the people and a man named Archibald Baxter got to go to jail.

the next story that MR Burt told us is Germany was trying to take over Samoa but new Zealand took  back Samoa's land  lots of people died then we went to our field of remembrance and said we will remember them and Mr J played the trumpet and then we did a pry for all of the people
that died for peas in this world.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chris of Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly Recount Term 2 2015

P1 In the Holidays i slept at my Nana's house  and helped her with chores  then i had to go to the beach with my family  it was so fun our mums and dads setted up  a cusabo it was to hot i was drinking lots of water then i jumped in the water and found a hermit crab shell then we got changed into our  dry clothes and went for fish and chips then on our way home we stopped for  ice cream then went home but when i got home i went for a shower and did more chores and played my Xbox 360 then went to sleep.

P2 The next day  i went to the pools with my family it was fun when we went on the slides and it was so dark i could not see it was like i was blinded but when i was at the bottom
i had to get changed in to my dry clothes for a barbecue it was delicious then i went home and had a sleepover to go to it was so fun because i got  to play games all day then i went to turn on the tv then i turned off the tv and went to sleep.

P3 Then i went to my house and it was my cousin’s birthday and we did a party at my cousin’s house the cake was so yum then i slept at my cousin house and i gave her a birthday present and the next day i went to my Nana's house and it was my uncle's birthday we had a salabrasion for his birthday then we all went home then i went sleep the next day i went to take my uncle to the airport to take him to australia.