Monday, 22 June 2015

Chris\ Explaining Your Thinking & Understanding

  • What did you have to create?
  • The process - how did you create it?

This year our task is what we can do in wet morning tea, so we can make a game on your
chromebook, we can make a game out of anything that is  in in our class and we created it on our apple mac computers, then we take a screenshot of the game and upload it to our chromebook and then we make a move to go to our news reporter.

  • Explain to your audience your new learning.
  • What can you teach others from creating your task?

what i'm learning is to put more punch serway shown in my sentence’s and first i have to get teached by my teacher how to make my task then i have to double check that i can make it then i can teach the year 5s or the year 4s  

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