Friday, 12 February 2016

Chris Letter to teacher

Dear Mrs Berry

During the holidays me and my family when to the beach and had a BBQ it was so fun. Me and my cousin swam in the water it was so cold!! that i had frost bites, but it was nice because the weather was so hot the cold water made me feel like it was not hot at all my little cousin loves water ones she go's dives in the water she never wants to go out.

Then when we were finished swimming me and my older cousin packed up all of the beach gear, then we packed the BBQ gear then when and took my cousin and my auntie home after we had ice cream. Then me and my mum and dad went home and got clean and when to the movies and watched IP Man three it was so cool because it had lots of karate.

Then we went home and went to sleep. The next day it was my birthday!! then I got ready to go to a restaurant in mission bay. The food was so nice my whole family liked the oysters and the muscle’s also I liked the seafood fettuccine it was so delicious then for a while we had dessert it was my birthday cake with strawberry ice cream it was so delicious then once we were finished we drove home.           

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