Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Chris the Market Day Recount

Image result for trade fair pt englanddid you know last friday we had our market day!!! on our market day we had to go into our groups i'm in kitchen, what my team made is panda cupcakes and little chocolate cupcakes well we were  Setting up.

We had to put our poster’s on our station’s so as soon as we were finished one of our team mate’s has to go and shop for things well the other one stays and sells the product, then we swop over when our teacher says. Our prices for our food is 50 pieces for 3 small chocolate cupcakes or 2PT for 2 panda cupcakes.

Then as soon as it was my turn to shop for stuff so i buyed a ice block it was yum, the funny thing about that friday is when the visitors came it was sold out for the kitchen groups so they didn't get to buy any of the yume food.   

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  1. Hi Chris looking good on the trade fair writing when last year hope you can tell us about any others writing or story great work

    by Noah


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