Friday, 12 February 2016

Chris Writing a Narrative

five nights at Freddy roller coaster.

One day there was a roller coaster it was called the five nights at Freddy roller coaster it was so scary, everybody loved  it, so two men there names are Crosby and Jason really wanted to go by saving up there money for tickets but they didn't know that it was no ordinary roller coaster there is three animaltronics and they were dangerous.  

Then there  friend Moroni really wanted to go then Jason and Crosby invited him to come then if you survive. The three animaltronics names were Chica Bonnie and Freddy  the prize if you survive your prize is to make it out and the animaltronics will sleep, for thirty seconds when the thirty seconds up the animaltronics is going to chase you but Moroni tripped up and the animaltronic. Bonnie caught him  and turned him into  animaltronic

he was a fox but he was fast and the fox had a hole so Crosby and Jason knew that the fox was runing to turn them into a anameltronic so they ran as fast as they could. They were almost at the exit and the fox animaltronic was right behind them, then rite on time thay made it to the exit. And never went back.   

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