Friday, 19 September 2014

Chris Rima: Key Competencies Explanation

Key Competencies Explanation

 At Point England School we have 

Key Competencies. They are Thinking, Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating & Contributing. I am going to explain what these Key Competencies mean.

Managing Self :

A good example for Managing ourselves is to make sure that we respect our Teachers in Class, Our Friends,Family and our Environment. 


When we think we are learning at the same time, We think so we can make the right choices and thinking helps us solve problems too. Example : When we do Math and you want to find out what the answer is, We have to think about how we are going to get the answer by using our brains to calculate. 

Relating to Others:
What this means is when you understand what your teacher or classmates are talking about and can feel the same way that they do.

Participating and Contributing :

Participating to me means working as a team, And Contributing means giving and sharing ideas with others, So together this means Helping Each other.

Thank You for reading my views on what our Key Competencies mean at our school.

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