Friday, 22 August 2014

Omari's and chris Explaining My Event

Explaining My Event

Name of event and background information:
My Event is called Hot Dog Eating Contest.And it is getting held in New Zealand in front of two mountains.It was evented by the Amazing Omari Warana.and chris rima
Aim of the game:
The group who eats all the hot dogs on the plate before the other teams  wins the trophy.There's going to be a first second and third place in my hot dog eating contest.
For equipment you need a plate,hot dogs,table and a chair.
It will be held behind one tree hill and a random mountain.
There is going to be 10 players and 6 groups all fighting for the gold silver and bronze trophy crown and medal.
You have to eat all the hot dogs on the plate first before the other teams/groups.

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